Jerome Romero does FAS presentations throughout the State of New Mexico. Presentations are given to doctors, nurses, community health workers, councilors, high school and middle school students, and teachers. If anyone wants to hear about FAS, Jerome is there. ask me questions He presents at conferences both locally and nationally. His favorite project within the program is his Peer Education Training. Jerome trains teenage moms and dads on FAS, the dangers of second hand smoke, and the need for folic acid during pregnancy. He also spends half the training on presentation skills. Once the students are trained, they go out into their communities and schools, and do presentations. These students are given a chance to show how valuable they are. This experience can turn their lives around as they lose the label of being a teenage mom who is not going anywhere.

Jerome also conducts a media campaign to educate New Mexicans about FAS. The media campaign includes developing TV commercials, radio spots, posters, brochures, non-alcoholic recipes, putting FAS messages on milk cartoons, and more. We can prevent the leading cause of mental retardation, if we can educate everyone on the importance of not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is 100% Preventable–the message is that simple.

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